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Vorwerk MLM Compensation Plan Review


Introduction to Vorwerk MLM Compensation Plan

Welcome back to Notebook Crazy.  If you are just joining us for the first time, Notebook Crazy is a blog that I, Brad, started with my friend, the other Brad, a few months ago in order to present our ideas about the various multilevel marketing (MLM) business opportunities that are out there.  The other Brad and I have spent most of our adult lives pursuing the goal of being our own bosses, and we have finally succeeded.  I first got the idea to review all the MLM businesses I could find information about when I was watching The Big Short in the movie theater right after Christmas, because it left me with the feeling that chasing the elusive bonuses and rewards of MLM, much like taking out huge loans to buy more house than you can afford or could ever possibly need, is a path on which many people are hurtling toward financial ruin.

As anyone who has arrived at this site through an accident of search engine optimization (SEO) can tell you, some of the MLM companies I have reviewed on this site are pretty interesting, even if investing in them is not a sound choice.  If you are bored at work, and you Google “Teenage Mutant Ninja Tortoises” just to see what will happen, you will end up on one of my reviews, likewise if you Google “my iguana from Hell” or “is there a rock band with two indefinite articles in its name”.  Sometimes, though, the task of reviewing MLM business opportunities gets quite monotonous.  There are so many companies that sell the same old nutritional supplements and marketing them with the same pseudoscience.  There are so many deregulated energy MLMs that sell boring products and make customers and distributors go through a huge hassle for little or no financial reward.  And there are so many MLMs that sell costume jewelry or cosmetics and seem to think that women will choose to spend their limited free time at parties where these products are being marketed.

I was pleasantly surprised when I started doing research for this Vorwerk review and I found out that Vowerk’s flagship product is one that no other MLM company I have researched sells.  The history of the Vorwerk business opportunity is also a bit different from the usual narrative of a serial entrepreneur in Florida, Texas, Colorado, or Utah selling ordinary nutritional supplements at extraordinary prices.  But before I actually go into detail about the Vorwerk business opportunity, I also found out two pieces of news today that are so interesting that I have to share them.

There is a website called F My Life, in which people explain, in one or two sentences, why they are having a terrible day.  Today, one of the people whose posts got published on F My Life was a woman named Maddi who lives in Texas.  Maddi had been talking to a guy online, and they finally agreed to meet for a coffee date.  It didn’t particularly bother Maddi that the guy brought a male friend with him for their first in-person meeting.  What bothered Maddi was when the friend took out his computer and said, “So let me tell you a little bit about our travel business.”  Then, according to Maddi, the friend “talked about a pyramid scheme for an hour.”  I have previously said on this site that MLM brings out the worst in everyone, and I have even implied that it turns people in to their own version of Mr. Hyde, but this is a new all-time low.  I know I shouldn’t be surprised, but it disturbs me to think about someone leading a potential romantic partner on via an online dating site and then turning the first date into an MLM sales pitch.  I have seen some sleazy behavior in the MLM world, but that belongs somewhere in the MLM sleaze hall of fame.

The second piece of news I cannot resist sharing has to do with the fact that, on this site, I have returned often to the subject of the antics of reptiles, since the MLM industry tends to thrive the most in parts of the United States where large reptiles also thrive.  I have discussed how Florida, with its alligators, its iguanas, and now its Nile monitor lizards, is MLM Valhalla.  I have described how the alligators in Florida will take a leisurely swim through the canal behind your house, and the iguanas will walk right up to your screened in patio.  Today, I saw a news story about an alligator with as much chutzpah as any MLM salesperson in pursuit of a Fast Start Bonus.  This alligator was not in Florida but in South Carolina, and it appeared to have taken quite a long walk on land, as there were no canals in sight on the video.  The gator decided it felt like taking a dip in someone’s swimming pool.  Fortunately, the homeowners on whose pool the gator had set its sights were not home when this happened.  According to eyewitnesses, the gator, which appeared to be about five feet long, tried to climb the fence into the backyard.  When it realized that it was way too heavy to climb a fence, it decided to walk across the people’s lawn toward the front door.  It was at this point that the neighbors started filming.  On the film, you see the gator strolling across the yard (I can only describe its gait as “strolling”) and up the walkway to the front door.  Then it gets up on its hind legs and uses its front legs to try to open the door using the doorknob.  Luckily, the door was locked, and the gator eventually gave up and went elsewhere to find a place to swim.

Vorwerk: The Company and Its Products


The Vorwerk company has a long history.  It started out as a family business in Wuppertal, Germany in the late 19th century, making it almost as old as Avon, the oldest MLM company in the United States.  Originally, Vorwerk made and sold carpets, but it really hit its stride when it began making vacuum cleaners in the first decades of the 20th century.  No one reading this site is old enough to remember a world before vacuum cleaners, but suffice it to say that they save you enough work that it is worth your while to buy one.  Business really took off at Vorwerk when the company adopted a direct sales business model in 1930.  Something that people who get lured into joining MLM business opportunities these days often fail to keep in mind is that the direct sales model made a lot more sense in 1930 than it does now.  In 1930, buying vacuum cleaners from door to door salesmen was the practical thing to do.  Today, it is so easy to get to the store, so easy to comparison shop, and so easy to order appliances from the Internet that buying a vacuum cleaner through direct sales does not make much sense at all.

Today, the Vorwerk business opportunity has expanded into the United States, and it has also diversified its product line.  Vorwerk products include not only the original Vorwerk carpets and Kebold vacuum cleaners, but also a kitchen appliance called Thermomix, a cosmetics line called Jafra cosmetics which also includes perfumes and skincare products, and a water purifier called Lux Asia Pacific.  According to the Vorwerk review on Player’s Money, which is a home business opportunity review site that I read frequently, a good portion of the Vorwerk products sold in the United States are from the Jafra Cosmetics line.

The Vorwerk Compensation Plan

Trying to locate a copy of the Vorwerk compensation plan document has, so far, turned out to be a fool’s errand.  Sometimes MLM companies will have their full compensation plan documents available for download right on the website, but sometimes they do not make them public.  I am of the opinion that it is a good idea to let potential distributors see all the details of the compensation plan before they decide to join.  To do otherwise seems anywhere from gimmicky to sleazy.  Even when MLM companies do not offer up their compensation plan documents so freely, sometimes current and former distributors for the companies are kind enough to post the compensation plan documents as slide shows on slide sharing websites.  I found one such website, but the document that was titled as though it were the Vorwerk compensation plan actually turned out to be the Questnet compensation plan document.  (Questnet is another MLM company I have reviewed on this site.  The company has gone by a variety of names throughout its history, and it sells a wide range of products, but it is best known for selling commemorative coins.)

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Before researching this Vorwerk review, I did not know that Wuppertal, Germany even existed. Apart from the fact that its name is so much fun to say, it sounds like a really awesome place to visit.  Not only does it have a suspended tram (it kind of looks like a cross between the Disney Monorail and those cable cars that fly you over Tomorrowland), but it is also where Aspirin was invented.
  • Originality counts for a lot when you are choosing an MLM business opportunity, and Vorwerk is the only MLM I know of that specializes in vacuum cleaners.
  • Vorwerk products are not nutraceuticals.
  • The fact that Vorwerk has been around since the 1800s has to count for something. At least it is not just jumping onto the latest fad having to do with superfoods or blogging platforms or some such.
  • Let’s assume that the Vorwerk compensation plan does require you to get merchandise autoshipped to your home, which I am not even sure if it does. Isn’t having a basement full of vacuum cleaners better than having a basement full of nutritional supplements?


  • If the Vorwerk reviewers who say that most of the Vorwerk distributors in the United States sell cosmetics, that is a disappointment. The market is truly saturated for MLMs that sell cosmetics and skincare products.
  • In his Vorwerk review on Player’s Money, the Player mentions that, since the Vorwerk business opportunity did not originate in the United States, it may be difficult for U.S. Vorwerk distributors to find the information they need. I can see his point.
  • The Player’s Vorwerk review also interprets the large number of Vorwerk distributors who work part time at the Vorwerk business opportunity as a red flag that the market is saturated.
  • I also agree with the Player’s Money Vorwerk review that the difficulty of finding a document with details about the Vorwerk compensation plan is a drawback.


Based on what I have been able to find out, there are some things I really like about the Vorwerk business opportunity.  I like it that it is a company that has been around almost as long as the modern nation-state of Germany.  I like it that it sells vacuum cleaners, which are both more useful and less played out than the typical MLM merchandise.  I cannot, however, recommend that you join the Vorwerk business opportunity, because I have not seen any evidence that it is a good way to make money.  Even if the Vorwerk compensation plan does pay generous commissions and is based more on the sale of Vorwerk products than on the recruitment of new Vorwerk distributors, you are still fighting an uphill battle if you go into direct sales.  Generally speaking, no matter what kinds of products you are selling, MLM is a whole lot of work for a very small reward.  If anything, Vorwerk can help you by serving as an example of a small family business that has kept going against all odds.  Your best bet would be to start your own family business.


Hey, MLM veterans!  Do you know of an MLM distributor who has used more shameless tactics than the one that ruined Maddi’s first date?  Schedule a call with me, and we can share MLM industry horror stories.


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