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Wake Up Now MLM Compensation Plan Review



Introduction to Wake Up Now MLM Compensation Plan Review

Hello guys it’s me Brad and this time I shall share with you additional information about MLM industry. But before that I shall tell you in advance that this business model will never cease to attract young people from diverse educational backgrounds even in distant future also. It is because this model has the potential to offer job opportunities to infinite number of people, unlike other professional sectors. Here firms operating on this strategic commercial model are always in need of employees to sale and market their products and services directly to the customers. This strategic business model has helped many people who want to run their own business with flexible job durations. Even professionals from other fields can also display their skills here to earn part time money. I know that when it comes to selecting any appropriate firm you guys become automatically confused. Well, that can be easily solved once you select your area of preference. For example, if you have knack in the field of virtual technology, then Wake Up Now is the ideal one for you. But for that read its review first in order to arrive at a fixed conclusion. Marketers have earned more than 5K per week through these MLM plans, to know more about this online business opportunity click here.

About Wake Up Now MLM Compensation Plan Review

This MLM firm was established in the year of 2009 and is based in Utah. The company was established by Troy Muhlestein and its main purpose is to provide simple and smart software solutions for the enjoyment of decent life. The firm operates its business on MLM model where it hires distributors or affiliates to sale and to market its software products before the global customers. At present it is operating in the markets of above fifty nations of the world and is exploring the markets of other countries to expand its online business. It has given job opportunities to more than twenty thousand affiliates or distributors and is ready to accommodate more unemployed youths like you. Distributors working here try to convince customers either using the tactic of oral advertising or through posting attractive blogs. The firm recognizes the initiatives of every affiliate and rewards them with attractive commissions and bonus amounts.

Products of Wake Up Now MLM Compensation Plan Review

This company offers a wide range of services and products like:

WUN Fit: It involves series of endurance and performance products like weight loss supplements, performance protein, detox and many more   

Energy Drinks: All its energy health drinks contain zero sugar with only ten calories

Apps: The company has devised many useful and simple apps which include WUN Finance, WUN Local, WUN Speak and so on.

But the company is mainly known for its proprietary software product which is known as HUB. You guys won’t believe when it first heard this term I thought it was a typical street lingo for attracting customers to its business purposes. In reality it is an online platform where paid and free members have the opportunity to look for exclusive deals to obtain discount on their online purchases via third party sources. This HUB is actually a type of back office tool search engine which will help you in finding attractive discount deals on your every purchase which includes domestic items, vacations, local deals, vacations and many more. You will definitely like to buy items at a discount price from this app rather than conventional purchasing platforms. It’s another popular app is Taxbot which helps you to keep track on your commercial spending and thus prevents you from over-expenditure. The firm has also received good response for its Finance software app that can easily integrate with your debt and bank accounts for creating a strategy to help you to escape debt situation within half time. The firm has also launched a new software program known as Current See Desktop for helping you in managing budget through interest alerts, reminders to pay bills, automatic tracking and many more. With the help of its Shopping Nanny application you can easily search for online coupons.

Compensation Plan of Wake Up Now MLM Network Marketing

The company follows the most flexible compensation plan in the market and has been designed for infusing motivation among the new and existing distributors or affiliates of the company. It allows distributors to earn in the following ways mentioned below:

  • Retail Commission: Here you have the chance of receiving twenty percent commission on selling any of the financial app products at the retail cost. It is a monthly commission and you shall get this commission on the basis of the continuous usage of this application by your enrolled customers.
  • Now Bonus: It is a weekly bonus and is paid when your enrolled down-line members buy any of the software products of the company. Such down-line members must belong within twelve levels of your organization. It is actually an easy way of earning income where you shall enroll down-line members in the shape of a horizontal line.
  • Preferred customer commission: You can enjoy this commission for enrolling preferred customer each month. You can enroll any number of customers and so there is the bright chance of getting increased commission amounts every month. You just need to ensure that these customers continue to use these software products so that you can enjoy non-stop flow of commissions in your pocket.
  • Matrugen: This involves placing your enrolled down-line members in the structure of Matrugen within the available initial open position from bottom to top and from right to left. When these enrolled members enrolled in a similar manner then those newly enrolled members will automatically become a part of your structure. Your commission will be determined on the basis of such active down-line members within this structure.
  • Ambassador’s Pool: On achieving the position of Ambassador you have the scope of income maximization through drawing your legitimate shares from the pool of ambassador. You will receive the commission percentage from the latest pool of ambassador share as per your acquired rank. On belonging to the position of active ambassador you will get five percent of the overall ambassadorial pool share. This will further enhance till hundred percent on achieving the position of Ambassador 10.
  • Founder’s Pool: On reaching to the position of active founder, you will become eligible to draw your legitimate shares from the pool of Founder. Your amount shall be determined on the basis of your current ranking position. For instance on achieving the position of Founder 3 shall make you eligible for drawing ten percent of the overall share and for that you need to have three active enrolled distributors under you. The process will continue as there is no fixed depth to restrict such a wonderful income earning scope.

Get Started with Wake Up Now MLM Compensation Plan Review

If you are determined to work in this company, then the ideal way to boost your career is to sign up for the position of distributor. On joining this firm as a distributor, you have the chance to know in detail the usefulness of its software products in daily lives which you can then easily explain to your target customers while convincing them to buy these products. For signing as a distributor, you can either contact your nearest distributor or directly log on to the website of this company. As the company mainly deals in selling software products so there is no need for you to select the marketing area. You can easily reach your target customers through online platform irrespective of the geographical locations. You only have to be careful while selecting and purchasing its plan packs which contain useful training tools and other essential items. The company offers three membership plans with decent subscription amounts to enable people like you to begin their journey as a distributor. These mainly include Silver, Platinum and Gold. After selecting any of these membership plans you shall receive a confirmation mail from the company congratulating for your successful enrollment. Then a replicated blog site shall be generated on your name from you shall have to forward the product order of your customers and distributors directly to the company.

Training for Wake Up Now MLM Compensation Plan Review

The firm always wants to work with those distributors who are pretty serious about their jobs. It will offer every sort of logistical supports to such sincere distributors and shall always back them to adopt innovative online product marketing strategies. Here you do not need to posses vast technical knowledge while working as a distributor. It is the primary reason why people from liberal arts background are also flocking this industry and are making a quite good start. Newly enrolled distributors like you are given a well documented introduction of its MLM working models along with explaining different technical concepts. Then in the subsequent stages, you will be imparted training on generating leads and how to attract customers using blog posts. Though the firm provides conventional training on setting home business through incurring minimum loss but when it comes to adopting unique marketing strategies it bears the entire expenditure irrespective of the results. It only shows that the company is ready to invest on your confidence and innovation without fearing losses. It will be better if you establish rapport with any experienced distributor so as to receive full back office support while actually engaging with any customer in the online platform. The company organizes annual events like seminars, workshops, office parties and so on for encouraging the motivation of the distributors. If you attend these events then you shall have the scope of receiving tips from successful distributors of this company. But remember guys no training will be of use if you do not put your whole-hearted effort into this business. I am telling you from my personal experience because many people with the excessive greed of making money had failed badly in this industry.

Business Opportunity of Wake Up Now MLM Compensation Plan Review

The compensation plan of this company offers you with the surplus scope of making money once you establish your own home business. Your profit in the initial phase will mainly start from selling the products of the company to the customers at a fixed retail price. You shall receive a retail commission of twenty percent on every product purchase by your customers and the amount will be further maximized if your order generation is more. Then another scope of making profit includes enrolling down-line member and asks them to place order for buying any of the product pack of the company. You will not only be benefitted in terms of money but also on acquiring new status within the organization. For instance, on achieving the position of ambassador you shall have the right to decide on the product selling and marketing strategies of your down-line members. In addition to that, you shall have the right to claim your legitimate shares from their overall volume generations.

Conclusion of Wake Up Now MLM Compensation Plan Review

Before closing my review, I just want to tell that it is up to your decision whether you want to join it or not. As I have told you everything about this company, it is essential that you never get carried away with the false facts that have been associated with this MLM company since its inception. These misplace facts are merely the handiworks of some jealous firms who want to stall the progress of this company permanently. For that purpose they are targeting youths like you. They know very well that once you people are discouraged from joining this company then the company will no longer become active. But they are totally wrong because it shall be the youths like you who will be the ultimate sufferers and not the company. So you must not give importance to such information without proper verification. Now that you have read its review, one thing is clear that there is nothing wrong with this company. It is quite evident when you look at its products where it has clearly explained the usefulness of these items without any kind of omission. Then in the compensation plan also it has clearly explained the money earning opportunities for the distributors along with other benefits. Therefore, instead of wasting your time you should join this firm immediately.








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