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Wellstar MLM Compensation Plan Review



Introduction to Wellstar MLM Compensation Plan

One of the more interesting consequences of globalization is that English words have been borrowed into a lot of other languages, but, in many cases, the English words in the language into which it is borrowed has a somewhat different meaning from its original meaning in English.  For example, the English word “Handy” is now part of the German language, but whereas it is an adjective in English, it is a noun in German.  (Kids, ask your parents what adjectives and nouns are.)  It is capitalized because all nouns in German are capitalized.  I do not speak German, but I come from the Midwest, and enough drunk people at Oktoberfest have slurred this fact about the capitalization of German nouns that I have started to think they may be onto something.  You know what they say.  Once is drunken BS, twice is a coincidence, three times is a rumor worth fact checking.  Or something like that.

Where was I?  Yes, I was talking about the meaning of the English word “Handy” in German.  In English, “handy” is an adjective that describes useful devices and people who are good at fixing things.  In German, a Handy is a mobile phone. It would make sense to me to call a mobile phone a Handy in German if that is what we called them in English, but to each his own.  Meanwhile, in English an old timer is an elderly curmudgeon who shouts to the neighborhood children that they should get off of his lawn (preferably, he does this while brandishing his walking stick), whereas in German, an Old Timer is an old piece of farm equipment, such as a tractor, that has been restored for display purposes, kind of like a classic car, except a whole lot less fun.

Likewise, in English “flirt” is a verb, the meaning of which falls outside the scope of Notebook Crazy, where we don’t flirt, but we do review multilevel marketing (MLM) business opportunities.  (Kids, ask your parents what a verb is.)  In English, the noun counterpart of “flirt” is “flirtation”.  In French, however, the English word “flirt” is a noun that refers to a romantic relationship of short duration, more like what we would call a “fling” in English.  In Arabic, the English word “body” refers to a form-fitting shirt similar to Under Armour.  The only difference is that, instead of being worn for playing sports in cold weather, a body is worn as part of a layered outfit.  (Just for the record, I do not play sports in cold weather.  When it is cold enough outside to require Under Armour, I stay in my basement and sit on my keister until it is warm enough to go outside in just a regular T-shirt, but that is just me.)

I mention the above examples for several reasons.  The first is to remind you that there is a big world out there that I am sure you can’t wait to explore, which is one of the big reasons you want to improve your financial situation, which is how you got started researching MLM business opportunities, which is how you ended up here on my WellStar review.  (At least, I think that is how you ended up here on my WellStar review.  I am not ruling out the possibility that your arrival here was the result of an accident of SEO that involved you typing a search term such as, “best Mother’s Day bet”, “are Xanthippe artichokes real”, or “Brad hates fungus.”)  The second is that the WellStar business opportunity, which is the subject of today’s review, is a very international company, and researching this WellStar review, which involved reading comments by former WellStar distributors from all over Europe, reminded me of just how many people out there for whom English is a second (or third or fourth, or even more) language.  I certainly do not know any other languages well enough to write Internet comments in them, so it was a little bit humbling.

WellStar: The Company and Its Products


By far the least interesting thing about the WellStar business opportunity is the fact that WellStar products are nutritional supplements, anti-aging skin creams, “beauty devices”, and the like.  You only need to read a few of my MLM reviews here on Notebook Crazy to find out that there is bad blood between me and the nutraceutical MLM industry.  I will not go into details here, but it involves a basement full of fungus, which, I assure you, is as gross as it sounds.

While I did not find an exact explanation of how the WellStar business opportunity got its name, it does sound like a few English words applied slightly out of context, perhaps similar to the examples I mentioned in the introduction to my WellStar review.  According to the WellStar website, the WellStar business opportunity was founded in 2004, and its main offices are located in Berlin, Germany and in the Buda half of Budapest, Hungary.  Linked to the WellStar website is an article in English, reprinted from a bilingual magazine called Manager (it looks like the other language in the magazine is Polish, but I am basing that partly on the .pl suffix on the magazine’s web address) about WellStar and its founder Christian Weisner.  The same PDF file that contains the article also contains what appear to be excerpts from the WellStar compensation plan, and get your barf bags ready, because it involves home sales parties.  The last page of the PDF file contains pictures from some kind of WellStar convention where they recognize the top selling WellStar distributors.  One of the WellStar distributors in the pictures is Kari Wahlroos, and the picture shows Weisner handing him a check for over 150,000 Euros.  And this is where things start to get interesting.

By far the most enjoyable part of researching this WellStar review has been reading about the feud between Wahlroos and Weisner.  It seems that Wahlroos joined the WellStar business opportunity and became the highest selling WellStar distributor.  It appears, though, that Wahlroos quit the WellStar business opportunity around the end of the summer of 2015, and Behind MLM has published some excerpts of their correspondence.  Wahlroos took Weisner and WellStar to task for making empty promises, especially regarding the paying of commissions to WellStar distributors, including Wahlroos and his downline sales team.  He criticizes the car program that is part of the WellStar compensation plan, saying, “Where are the 100 cars you supposedly gave out last year?”  He goes on to say that, while he likes Weisner as a person and likes the WellStar products, he believes that the WellStar business opportunity is fundamentally flawed, because, in practice, it is all about recruiting new WellStar distributors and chasing fast start bonuses.  Behind MLM also printed parts of letters from other former WellStar distributors from all over Europe who claimed never to have been paid the money they earned through the WellStar business opportunity.

But, of course this story has the kind of ending that you come to expect if you spend a long enough time in the MLM industry.  When Kari Wahlroos left WellStar, he joined another MLM company, called OneCoin, which I have previously reviewed on this site.  Whereas WellStar products are things that I would not personally choose to buy, such as devices that allegedly firm saggy skin, OneCoin sells a type of virtual currency that may or may not even exist.

The WellStar Compensation Plan

The WellStar review on Behind MLM contains a very thorough description of the WellStar compensation plan.  It costs 49 Euros to join the WellStar business opportunity, and there are 15 ranks in the WellStar compensation plan.  The leadership ranks are Vice President, Trainee, Junior Manager, Manager, Director, Country Director, Regional Vice President, National Vice President, International Vice President, Ambassador, Crown Ambassador, Double Crown Ambassador, Triple Crown Ambassador, Royal Crown Ambassador, and Grand Crown Ambassador.  I can’t help but notice that the leadership ranks in the WellStar compensation plan do not always seem to go in a logical order.  Why is Trainee a higher rank than Vice President? Which is National Vice President higher than Country Director?

And then the WellStar compensation plan contains other things which are not pleasant to think about, such as home sales parties and autoship.

According to the WellStar compensation plan, WellStar distributors get commissions on the membership fees of the new distributors they recruit.  When one of your recruits reaches the same leadership level as you, then you can get additional commissions.  Commissions on sales made by members of your downline team are paid up to 12 levels deep.  The higher your leadership rank, the more levels of downline you can get commissions from.  The WellStar compensation plan has more bonus pools than any other MLM compensation plan I can remember seeing.  Each leadership level starting at Regional Vice President has its own bonus pool, and then there is something called the Europe Pool and something else called the Gold Club.  For the highest ranks of WellStar distributors, there is a car bonus (the payment of which was one of the issues Kari Wahlroos raised in his complaint).  This bonus ranges from 1,200 Euros per month for National Vice Presidents to 3,500 Euros per month for Crown Ambassadors and above.

Lots of MLMs have training courses wrapped in varying degrees of pretense, but the WellStar compensation plan takes it to a new level.  Its training program is called WellStar Master University, and it takes place in the Maldives, of all places.  I might like to visit the Maldives someday, but if I do go there, it definitely will not be for an MLM training program that dares to call itself a university.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • I have really enjoyed researching this WellStar review. Reading all the complaints from former WellStar distributors made me feel like people are finally wising up to the fact that trying to make money through MLM is a wild goose chase.  The fact that, when Kari Wahlroos left the WellStar business opportunity, he joined another MLM that I have already reviewed on this site also made me feel like I am getting closer to my goal of making Notebook Crazy a thorough resource for information about MLM business opportunities.  (And by the way, to those of you who have already read my OneCoin review, if you are still interested in investing in Bradonium, my offer still stands.)
  • It does not appear that the WellStar business opportunity is much of a big thing here in the United States, so I guess my Notebook Crazy readers here on this side of the pond are safe for the time being.
  • Reading about the WellStar compensation plan really made me want to visit the Maldives, which is something that I had never really thought about before researching this WellStar review.


  • If the autoship requirement doesn’t make you barf, the MLM home sales parties will. WellStar parties sound even more unpleasant than most.  I can imagine few things less fun than a party where someone I thought was a friend takes a beauty device of some sort to my garlic knot belly in a futile attempt to firm it up and then hits me up for money.
  • Even more than the average nutritional supplement, the only way to sell WellStar products is by making people feel insecure about their appearance, which is not something I recommend.


Do not join the WellStar business opportunity.  You are far too smart for that.  It involves selling gimmicky products and paying into a compensation plan for which you will probably never be repaid.  These problems are not unique to WellStar; rather, this is almost a universal problem with MLM.  There are so many better ways to spend your time and money that do not involve MLM.

Hey, Midwesterners!  What is the weirdest thing a drunk person ever told you at Oktoberfest?  Schedule a call with me, and we can compare stories.


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