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World Global Network MLM Compensation Plan Review


Introduction to World Global Network Compensation Plan

What is the most memorable thing about the movie Pulp Fiction?  Is it the surf rock theme music?  The vermillion hues of the movie poster?  The shoot out in the diner?  The long-winded veteran with the pocket watch?  The girl with the fashion model figure who laments that she does not have a potbelly?  Samuel L. Jackson’s hairstyle?  The expression “to get medieval” on someone?  The gimp?  The adrenaline shot to the heart?  The banter about burgers?  About foot massages?  The dance scene between John Travolta and Uma Thurman?  The way the entire color scheme of the movie that makes Travolta and Thurman, with their dark hair and their pale eyes, look like they were made for each other?

I don’t know about you, but for me, the most memorable thing about Pulp Fiction is the five dollar milkshakes.  There are a few reasons for this.  One of these reasons is that business and personal finance have been among my chief interests for a very long time.  I realize that there are parts of the United States in which paying five bucks for a milkshake is nothing out of the ordinary, and that is why the Midwest is such a welcoming place for frugal folks like me.  When I go to Steak and Shake and sip my milkshake (always as an accompaniment to food, as I have discussed in another review on this site), I daydream about how many extras I could add to my shake for five dollars.  Extra whip cream.  Extra chocolate.  Extra maraschino cherries.  Extra ice cream.  And then I think about what a milkshake that costs five dollars in 1995 money must be like, and it blows my mind.  Another reason that the five dollar milkshakes are the most memorable part of Pulp Fiction for me is that, here on Notebook Crazy, I am in the business of reviewing multilevel marketing (MLM) business opportunities, many of which have their distributors sell hugely overpriced meal replacement shakes.  Paying what amounts to five dollars a shake for a jar of shake mix is nothing out of the ordinary in the MLM world.  Suffice it to say that most of these meal replacement shakes do not taste nearly as good as something you would drink in a diner, but that is a story for another day and is not really related to the memorable parts of Pulp Fiction.

Some of you may remember that somewhere in the second half of Pulp Fiction, John Travolta opens a briefcase, and it shines a light in his face.  When I saw a screen shot of that part of the movie while I was researching this World Global Network review, it did look familiar, but I would hardly consider it the most memorable thing in the movie.  What if I told you that all of the events in the movie happen because of that briefcase?

The briefcase in Pulp Fiction is what is known in the movie industry as a MacGuffin.  A MacGuffin is an object, destination, or question that the characters in the movie are seeking.  Lots of action movies and spy movies involve protagonists and antagonists competing to gain possession of the MacGuffin.  According to Alfred Hitchcock, who is credited with coining the term MacGuffin (he named it after a fictional device used trap Scottish lions, which are also fictional), the MacGuffin is not what makes the film interesting.  Rather, the audience so much more interested in whether the hero will achieve his (MacGuffin-related) goal that they might even forget what the MacGuffin was in the first place.  It sets off the exciting action, but does not define it.  Quentin Tarantino, in his typical style of playing with filmmaking conventions, does not even show us what is in the briefcase.  What is important is that John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson have to transport the briefcase, and what is even more important than that is that all manner of mayhem ensues because of it.

Lots of movies have MacGuffins, and if they are used at all successfully, the MacGuffin is hardly the most interesting or memorable part of the movie.  The movie Knockaround Guys, in which Vin Diesel and three other young mobsters follow a suitcase full of money to a small town in Montana, is a relatively recent movie I can think of that plays the MacGuffin trope straight, although the most entertaining thing about the movie is the culture shock between the exuberant New Yorkers and the mild-mannered Montanans.  (My favorite part is where Vin Diesel is watching TV in the motel in Montana, and there is nothing on except a show about turkey hunting, and as the turkey gobbles while the hunter takes aim, Vin Diesel mutters, “Get a [expletive] Butterball.”)  In the original Star Wars movie, the plans that Princess Leia stored in R2D2 are the MacGuffin because the main characters are looking for them, and although R2D2 has become an iconic movie robot, he is not the most memorable thing in Star Wars.  In Casablanca, the MacGuffin is the documents that will allow the characters to travel safely to the United States, but of course, everyone remembers the love story and Sam the piano player.  In Psycho, the MacGuffin is, believe it or not, an envelope with forty thousand dollars in it.  I have never seen Psycho, but I can already think of a lot of things about the movie that make a bigger impression than an envelope full of money.  Meanwhile, forty thousand dollars is chump change compared to the amounts of money that MLM compensation plans promise you, but that is neither here nor there.

What has any of this to do with my World Global Network review?  Well the World Global Network business opportunity is a product based MLM.  Product based MLMs have their distributors buy overpriced products (usually nutritional supplements and meal replacement shakes, but really it could be anything from costume jewelry to vacuum cleaners to devices that extract cannabis oil from pot leaves to gadgets that allegedly make your cytoplasm dance), ostensibly to sell them to customers who will not mind paying the exorbitant retail prices, but really the only way to break even on how much you pay to participate in the MLM business is to recruit new distributors, whom you are paid a commission for recruiting.  It turns into a scramble to recruit new distributors and pressure them to sell merchandise that you yourself are at a loss to sell.  The products are just a MacGuffin.

World Global Network: The Company and Its Products

The founder of the World Global Network business opportunity is Fabio Galdi.  The company’s headquarters are variously said to be in London and in Singapore.  It appears that the World Global Network business opportunity started out as a telecommunications services MLM, but it has since branched out considerably, both geographically and in terms of the range of World Global Network products it offers.  As of the summer of 2016, the World Global Network website contains announcements to the effect that the World Global Network business opportunity has recently expanded to include Paraguay and Tunisia.  (My research on MLM companies tells me that both of those countries are somewhat off the beaten path when it comes to MLM.)

These days the World Global Network website features one of the World Global Network products prominently.  It is a device called HELO, which stands for Health and Lifestyle Oracle. (One of the articles about MacGuffins that I read while researching this World Global Network review said that MacGuffins, particularly in James Bond movies, tend to have labored acronyms for names, and I think HELO fits the bill perfectly.) The device looks a lot like a FitBit that you wear around your wrist.

The World Global Network Compensation Plan

The World Global Network website tells you precisely squat about the World Global Network compensation plan, but I was able to find a slide presentation about the World Global Network compensation plan on another website.  The slide presentation was many dozens of slides long, and most of it was fluff, in typical MLM slide presentation manner, but what I remember the best about it was the slide about the car bonuses.  There are lots of MLM compensation plans that offer payments toward a car, but the World Global Network compensation plan takes it to a whole new level.  The slide implies that World Global Network distributors can end up behind the wheel of a Ferrari, Lamborghini, or Bentley, although, in classic MLM fashion, it does not specify how.  Even I have to admit that this sounds tempting.  The pink Cadillacs of the Mary Kay business opportunity may be a status symbol among big-haired ladies of a certain age in a certain outsized Southern state which shall remain nameless, but Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and Bentleys are a MacGuffin that even the most sensible hero can be compelled to chase.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Reading about MacGuffins in preparation for writing this World Global Network review was a lot of fun. It caused me to remember a lot of things about Pulp Fiction, which I have not seen in at least two years.
  • The World Global Network website does list a Shipping and Tracking policy and a Cancellations and Returns policy, which is more than I can say for most MLM websites.
  • I’m a pretty simple guy, a practical Midwesterner. I own my own house, it’s paid off, I can afford to take my friends out to dinner at Steak and Shake whenever the mood strikes me, and that is good enough for me.  I have never been the flashy type, but man!  That Lamborghini in the World Global Network compensation plan just might be enough to make a World Global Network distributor out of me yet.


  • The World Global Network website has a busy, spammy layout, and as other World Global Network review have pointed out, it is downright uninformative when it comes to details about World Global Network products or the World Global Network compensation plan.
  • HELO is a pretty silly name for FitBit like device. It is as if I told you that Notebook Crazy stands for Not Only The Elusive Business Opportunities Of Kalamazoo Cause Ranting And Zealous Yelling.


The purpose of a MacGuffin is to get the hero started on his quest; in the hands of a skillful filmmaker, it is not the actual destination.  I think we can all agree that Casablanca is not really about some documents and Pulp Fiction is not really about a briefcase.  If you want to set out in pursuit of financial freedom, that is as noble a goal as any.  You have my blessing to chase that Lamborghini with all your strength and all your resourcefulness.  Just don’t sink all your money into a money-sucking MLM like the World Global Network business opportunity.  When you get involved with an MLM company, almost any MLM company, the focus quickly shifts from selling products to borrowing more and more money just so you can continue to participate in the business opportunity.

One of my main points in writing Notebook Crazy is to demonstrate to people who have been invited to join MLMs or who have already joined them that there are so many other business options for people who dread the 9 to 5 cubicle farm lifestyle.  The Internet offers all kinds of opportunities for gigs and for long-term projects.  If you have a good enough memory to remember as many details about Pulp Fiction as I did in the first paragraph of this World Global Network review, then the possibilities are endless for you to develop skills that you will use in Internet-based businesses.  If you have a partner in your quest like I have the other Brad, the co-founder of Notebook Crazy, then even better.  Schedule a call with me, so that I can tell you more about all the ups and downs of our Internet business quest and how we finally found success.


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