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World Global Network MLM Compensation Plan Review


Introduction to World Global Network Compensation Plan Review

Working people are constantly on the lookout for ways to supplement their incomes as they’re finding it increasingly difficult to maintain their respective standard of living with a fulltime job. The spiraling subsistence costs are compelling men and women throughout the world to take up an additional or part-time job to make ends meet. Beyond that, people nowadays are more ambitious than ever before and to fulfill their cherished desires, they’re trying to capitalize on their leisure time by doing an extra job.

MLM companies that have mushroomed all over the world in the last two decades are offering unlimited possibilities and opportunities to scores of individuals to augment their incomes. For a start, you can look forward to earning a handsome amount with minimal investments. You can get started by putting in a few hundred of dollars or so for canvassing superior quality products that you might already be using. People have been earning more than 5K per week through these compensation plans, click here to know more.

You’d just need to tap your inner potential, your social network, and devote about 5-6 hours every day to maximize your ROI. In a workplace, you’ll be getting a fixed remuneration every month regardless of how diligently you worked. However, with a multi-level-marketing company, your earnings will be directly proportional to the amount of sales you generated for the organization and for yourself.

One of the leading global MLM organizations that you can consider working as a strategic marketing executive is World Global Networking India Pvt. Ltd. Marketing for WGN India will not only enable you to considerably supplement your present earnings but also offer you an ideal platform for leading a lifestyle like a jetsetter. Working with WGN will give you an opportunity to hone your marketing and interactive skills which in turn will let you to make an enviable sum every month.

About World Global Network Compensation Plan Review

world global network

World Global Network was established in 2011 with the pious objective of becoming the foremost company with a global network to furnish instant access to internet to all subscribers worldwide. WGN is engaged in the domains of telecommunications, internet, IT, and wearable technology. The multinational company develops products that are used extensively for VoIP communication services, Cloud Services, and Video Conferencing.

It also manufactures equipment for smartphone and cellular networks businesses. WGN, unlike its competitors, doesn’t rely on distributors, wholesalers, retailers, and POS outlets for promoting its products. Instead it makes the most of multilevel marketing techniques by having in place a direct sales force comprising of professionals who hail from almost every sector of the economy.

Headquartered in Miami in Southeastern Florida, World Global Network has an entrenched network of offices in prominent cities around the world. WGN’s India chapter was incorporated in 2015 on 21st May and has been registered as an Indian non-governmental organization by the Registrar of Companies, Chennai. The global conglomerate has two distinct offices for its India operations-one in Chennai that is responsible for maintaining the company’s accounts and another in Bangalore that provides IT backup.

Product Line of World Global Network Compensation Plan

World Global Network takes pride in brandishing its cutting-edge product-line that’ll not only keep you updated but also keep up with the Joneses. It has a slew of groundbreaking communication tools and devices that you’d go all out to sell as well as love to own. Its premium and standalone products include the Space Lumia, Space Station, and Space Phone, and the Space System.

Space Station

The Space Station is a multifarious and multifunctional product that is a hallmark of versatility. It works as a wireless charger for your Space Phone and at the same time quadruples up as a miniature PC, digital printer, and as a base station for mCell 5 GHz WI-Fi technology. The unique features of the Space Station coupled with its added extras lets you dial up and send text messages free of cost. This Space Station also offers convenience of use as can you configure and personalize the thingamajig according to your needs and preference. Connectivity is never an issue with this gadget no matter where or wherever you are as it comes outfitted with geolocator apps allowing it to be easily tracked.       

Space Phones (available in Gold & Titanium colors)

The Space Phone is another technological marvel that indeed belongs to the avant-garde digital generation. It boasts of a 5 inches AMOLED display with a 1280 x 720 megapixels resolution. Holding and carrying it is supremely convenient as it is just 5.95mm thick and weighs a mere 112g.

Its chassis is made of industrial grade aluminum and has a tough, jagged backside rendering it an extraordinary durability. With the Space Phone in tow, you don’t need to carry a separate digital camera as it is embedded with two digital cameras bragging of dual LED flash technology. The 13mp back camera with autofocus means you can click group photographs that are incredibly photogenic.

Your snaps will appear intensely brilliant, thanks to the add-ons of high luminosity sensor and Beauty Faces. The 5mp front camera is perfect for capturing selfies in every conceivable pose you can imagine. Then again surfing on the net, playing video games just as you’d on the PlayStation, downloading apps quickly is never an issue, courtesy its updated OS and powerful processor.

You can keep in touch with your near and dear ones round the clock as it is compatible with 3G and 4G cellular and broadband networks. It also blends available signals and makes accessible a personalized signal that makes multitasking child’s play. Additionally, it optimally harnesses the signature mCell 5GHz technology which facilitates the utilization of a technology that mechanically selects the network that’d be appropriate for you. Space Phone that also features numerous other useful functions is available in two tantalizing colors of gold and titanium.

Space System

The Space System is easily the most resourceful of all the World Global Network’s devices. This equipment or contraption works as your one-stop and single window solution to all your workplace responsibilities, networking, communication, and collaboration needs. This modernized appliance lets you find the perfect synergy between time, energy, and costs by allowing you to monitor a surfeit of communication and networking tools.

You can supervise the interactive tools including but not limited to instant messaging, webinars, video and voice calls, contacts, backups, cloud backups, chats, and file sharing from one account. With the Space System, the bottom-line of your business gets a shot in the arm and all it takes is a single click of the mouse. Management of communication tools straight from your PDAs starting from your palmtop to your tablet or smartphone is made easy via the revolutionary mobile apps like Space Cloud, Space Postcard, Space Meet, and Space VoIP.

Your Space System in the long run becomes your itinerant office as you take it with you wherever you go rendering you contactable irrespective of your location. The personal page on the Space System can be made accessible to all those whom you want to see your page. In other words, everybody in your network will be able to know instantly if you’re online, go through your contact info, and send across emails. Networked individuals will also be able to hold videoconferences by using your conference room, and glance through the conferences and meets programmed in Space Webinars.

Compensation Plan-An Integrated Process to Attain Success

The MLM policy and stratagem of World Global Network has witnessed the emergence of thousands of business associates-popularly known as networkers-who fully harnessed their networks to become immensely successful entrepreneurs. As of now, there are more than 4, 50,000 WGN networkers representing over 100 countries and the rate at which new affiliates are subscribing to this unique mode of MLM per year is over 40%. WGN’s multilevel marketing venture has already spawned 10 millionaires in the past four years that the organization has been in business.

Business consultants working under the WGN’s banner and promoting its forward-looking products are located in almost every continent or region including Europe, CIS, Asia-Pacific, Middle-East, Russian Fed, USA, and America-Caribbean. Affiliates are the most vital link in the WGN’s MLM chain and the enterprise spares no effort in pandering to their business interests by awarding them an inventive compensation plan. Without an iota of doubt, this payback plan is the most lucrative reimbursement scheme offered by any MLM company.

The repayment plan of WGN formally called the ‘Wor(I)d Pay Plan’ is basically a 10-step integrated scheme starting with the ‘Retail Bonus’ stratum and culminating in the ‘Diamond Life Tour’ tier. Every consultant or networker has to be oriented with the 4 distinct business profiles to reap the full benefits of this exclusive settlement plan. These profiles go by the names of ‘Affiliate’, ‘Partner’, ‘Master’, and ‘Power Master’.

A networker who subscribes to the plan joins as an ‘Affiliate’ and is thereafter promoted to the levels of Partner and Master till he or she becomes a ‘Power Master’ consultant. In order to access the business profiles outlined above, you’ll need to purchase one or any of the listed product packs.

  1. Affiliate-By becoming an ‘affiliate’ member, you’ll have the liberty to buy, share and promote the enterprise’s product line. The company also allows you to resell the products you’ve purchased and earn handsome commissions.
  2. Partner-As a partner, you’ll be responsible for supervising and coordinating the activities of the entire network. Alternatively, being a partner, you’ll be only able to involve yourself in the business layers of TVC, Fast Start, and Retail Bonus but won’t be able to partake of in the ‘Career Plan’.
  3. Master-Once you become a ‘master’, which is a progressive business profile, you’ve unlimited access to 3 commercial centers. Additionally, as a master, you’re in a position to realize the benefits of each and every ‘bonus plan’ as well as enjoy the fruits of the Career Plan.
  4. Power Master-The Power Master is the most holistic of all profiles that caters to the welfare of the ‘Golden Pack’ members. It offers ‘Golden Pack’ associates, the best of both the worlds-by tendering all the benefits of Master profile and the earnings arising out of NRG products.

Getting Started with World Global Network Compensation Plan

You get started by going for 20 CV (that’s the least number of CVs you’ll need to purchase) sourced from affiliate store or stock center.  You get a full month to make the most out of the opportunities generated by the pay plan. Once you buy out the prescribed number of CVs, you’ve a maximum time window of 30 days-called the ‘Activation’ period to capitalize on the pay scheme. Upon activation, you’ve unbridled access for immersing yourself in the plan.

Retail Bonus-This is the opening or introductory stage where you get the opportunity to buy advanced communication and networking products at bulk prices. You’ll be entitled to receive hefty commissions if and once you’re successful in reselling the items you’ve bought. You’ll also be eligible to obtain incentives if you can sell new products from your own Affiliate store and your sales team gets volume points for every transaction.

Fast Start Bonus

If you want to get rich quickly and that too with ease, take advantage of the ‘Fast Start Bonus’. Multiply the bonuses you earn by maximizing your product package sales.

Brick Development Bonus

Add to your windfalls by taking the initiative to bring about conspicuous growth and development of your business. In other words, you’ll have to encourage your team members to augment sales of the different products. If each and every member is successful in selling even one item, it’ll contribute towards overall growth of the organization.

Team Volume Commission

Under this level, you aspire to become a Team Developer where you exhort both your right and left teams to market the products aggressively. Depending on the product your team member sells, you’ll be making $8-$120 for each sale.

AdKash Bonus

You stand to make around $1 to $ 1.50 from the successful installation of apps by active members of your team.

Power Bonus

You earn about $1 for every power unit that is set up by the lower rung team members.

  • Money Bonus
  • Generation Bonus
  • Career Plan
  • Dream Car Bonus
  • Super Car Bonus
  • Diamond Life Tour

If you come across any other MLM or chain marketing company with a more profitable business plan, go for it.                    













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