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Xango MLM Compensation Plan review


Hello it’s me! Your well wisher Brad, hope you do not need any refreshment for I have been consistently trying to provide some inputs on your future prospects and enjoyment in life.  If you are looking to earn through an MLM program then the network you and the company you choose plays a big role. Xango is a reputed MLM company from Utah and it deals in selling health supplement products. They follow a basic pay plan where you can get unlimited amount of members to earn commission through the compensation plan. It has been since ten years that Xango is providing wellness products and income opportunities to many unemployment youths worldwide. Obviously while reading my reviews about Xango you can expect detail information about the firm. So buddies don’t go to anywhere because in my review information about the company, compensation plan and products will be provided in an unbiased manner. Besides, I would give you useful guidelines on how to place yourself on top position of the company surpassing other representatives. You won’t be surprised if I tell you that most of the networking strategists fail because they don’t have the knowledge of proper usage of internet for marketing their business.

Xango company profile

First have a look at the profile of the company. Located in Utah, Xango came into existence in the year of 2002, 11th September. It sells and promotes supplement products utilizing the business model of direct sales. It is a universal brand operating over more than 30 countries with distributors exceeding one million. There are 6 individuals behind the formation of this company and they are worth remembering: Bryan Davis, Kent Wood, Gordon Morton, Joe Morton, Aaron Garrity and Garry Hollister. Now you have no problem in comprehending that the leadership team of this company has got sound experience in MLM marketing and most of them are still considered to be the renowned marketers even in this present period also. They have played a vital role in the formation of solid sales teams which culminated in the sky roaring sales of the company crossing $ 1 billion. Not satisfied with my explanation you can visit the official website of the company to know more.

Xango Products

Do not ever think that if your product is below standard superb marketing skill will help you earn big revenues. Believe me, products also deserve equal attention to fetch you high profits in a competitive market like supplement products. Trust me folks once I tell in detail about its products you would certainly appreciate me a lot. Though it sales variety of healthy supplements but it is mainly known for the use of Mangosteen as a chief ingredients for its healthy products. It contains high powered antioxidants to eliminate harmful diseases from our bodies. At present Xango Juice is a top selling product of the company. Other healthy supplements include Elviv, Juni, XALO, Meal Pack, Precis, Glimpse, FAVOA and many more. You can bet on my fact finding effort because before you join this company you must acquaint yourself with its products. For further information you can visit its site like me too.

Xango compensation plan

Hey I would not test your patience much longer so I come to the subject matter of the topic. Of course it is ultimately the money which matters you the most and so hear me what I have to say. You just need to pay $ 35 to get started with the compensation plan at Xango. Once you become a member you get access to all the products sold by the company and they present you with a good business opportunity for earning good percentage of commission. In their business plan they have clearly mentioned that they will pay exactly 50% commission on the commissionable volume. Instead of saying upto 50% they clearly mention that the member will be getting exactly 50% and this gives an excellent opportunity to earn revenue through each sale. The compensation plan is presented in such a manner that people having right attitude can become successful in this business. Don’t get so excited because I need to tell more for your satisfactions. In their plan you can see that they pay in around 9 levels but it is important that you get a good hold at the starting few levels. If you are able to qualify for specific ranks then you will surely do well moving ahead in this MLM program. You must also make sure that the other three members below you are able to qualify for certain ranks and they do well as this helps you in moving up the ranks.

Once you move up the ladder in this rank advancement program you get the opportunity to earn rewards as much as 1,000 at the start. There is also a car or lifestyle bonus that starts at 5,000 and this rank advancement can lead you to as much as 20,000 which can help you make it a regular source of income. If you have a good network in the global markets then this program is for you as the business plan surely provides a great business opportunity. There two important things that you need to consider to be able to qualify for the high commission level in this MLM program. You need to make sure that you are able to get minimum three different legs of order and the three people that enroll under you need to be personally enrolled through you so that you are able to advance to the next level. You have the freedom to choose between monthly, weekly or quarterly payment structures according to your wish. Once you become a member you have the opportunity to build a network in more than 40 different markets where Xango has its presence.  I can bet that after reading up to this your loved ones will never think of departing from you because every human being always tend to attach with persons having huge source of income.

However, the road is not so simple as it seems theoretically and it is my responsibility to make you aware at the time you’re having nice day dreams so that you can accuse of luring you into a false step. The only reason why people find it hard to move up the ranks in Xango’s MLM program is because they don’t get points when the person in their network gets other people enrolled. In the business plan created by Xango you have to personally get the people enrolled so that you are able to earn points. In these years Xango has expanded well and it sell various health nutrition products, so you can be rest assured that if you have a strong marketing network then you would surely get enough sales to earn commissions in their program.

Good things about Xango Compensation plan

From my personal point of view I can tell you that this company can provide you favorable and cooperative work environment while compared with other MLM companies. Distributors working in other MLM companies always have to focus on recruiting more people under their charge so as to receive handsome commissions from the firms. In the process they ultimately lose their sole objectives of selling the products to bring profit in the company’s account. On the contrary if you join Xango your performance will also be judged on the basis of maximizing the sale of the company. Though here also you will be judged on the basis of recruitment but more emphasis would be placed on your sales records. Besides there will be no delay in receiving your commissions and bonuses that you deserve pretty much. Your sales records do receive considerable evaluation so you can have a fine scope of higher promotion if you perform your selling task with greater sincerity. Make sure that the company can feel your raw passion to offer more responsibilities so that you can make a long lasting impression among all the employees of the company.

Increasing the chance of your success

The key for creating a successful business of Xango is mainly depends on your ability to have a steady flow of leads. The moment you claim of having receiving multiple leads you will witness a huge boom in your business. You can easily experience the heat when new people begin to discus on the prospects of joining your business. Hey! I am not making you nervous dude but encouraging you to be positive if you want to survive in this business. Even you are not fluent in your phone conversation but you have no problem in hiring people once they become attractive to the prospects and scopes of joining your business. If you improve your phone conversation then you can easily consider how many more people will be under your radar. Hence you must not waste your time and start to search ways for generating such leads to raise your future prospects in much better circumstances. Many experienced networking marketers often fail in generating sufficient leads for their business because of their poor knowledge of internet usage. But dude I expect that you would not make such error once you have read my review because you are getting advance insights from my writing and hence you have a bright chance of success. Next time when we meet make sure you give me a special treat for your success ha! ha!

What else can be done

I don’t think that you need further suggestion but for your convenience I am asking to use the tool of blogs with relevant contents so that people can more easily attracted to your business. You must have full faith in the products that you are endorsing and your blogs must bear your passion so that audience can feel its everlasting impact. But don’t eulogize because there is a vast difference between facts and fictions. Convince them with the facts using attractive headlines and keywords. You can look upto the services of WordPress as it is the most preferred blogging site and majority of the viewers visit it in search of blogs. It would look professional if you create your own website with your contact address and user friendly domain name. By Jove! you will hit the bull’s eye if you are successful in creating such site.


Always remember dude never rely on false propaganda for that would only seize your income opportunity and put a question mark over your future. I personally believe that it is quite easy to wash the brains of such innocent punks like you so my responsibility does not only ends in just showing your income opportunity but also to make you conscious about ground reality and rumors. As you are well acquainted with the global position of the company many rival firms do want to derail its progress simply through spreading useless noises. In doing so they are not harming the company but folks like you who are having raw energy to smack down anyone. So let me very clear everything is perfect with the company and all its products are quality certified so you got no problem once you receive your kits for opening up your little business. In addition you will never have the chance to work with such company which readily supplies your dues and bonuses once you registered higher sales volume. It also enables you to choose your own pay structure on the basis of month, quarter and year. Such freedom of choice is rare in other MLM companies. You need to have the hunger for success for that would be the key to your success in the long run. Your passion must influence the management in instilling faith on your capability and must reward you with additional responsibilities as a sign of trust and reliability. Believe me dude there is no satisfaction in life like working in a company like Xango which always focuses on transparent approach to sell its products in the market and earn the appreciation of the consumers.


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