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Xyngular Compensation Plan Review


People seek multiple sources of income to fulfill their wishes. Internet is undoubtedly a great way to explore ways to increase income. There are genuine earning opportunities out there for those willing to explore. Hi! It’s Brad and I am here to discuss one of the ways to proceed in this direction. There are some companies offering genuine MLM programs for interested people. Many people have gained financial freedom through multi level marketing abbreviated as MLM. One of the well known companies in this context is Xyngular. It is no surprise that you’ll come across biased reviews which may not appreciate the business. Consequently, I am here to tell you more on this topic. If you are interested in genuine MLM business opportunities, keep reading. If you give proper time and effort you can expect to earn more than 5K per week, to know more click here. 

Xyngular is an MLM business driven by independent sales representatives. It is one of the youngest companies in this field. However, it hasn’t stopped the company to grow and prosper with sales representative making a fortune. Since its inception, the company has spread to several international markets. Rapid expansion may not be the criteria to measure the success of a company. However, it certainly indicates the reach and bright future prospects as in case with this company.

Just like other growing companies, Xyngular seeks motivated and dedicated professionals to expand its reach. It provides a business opportunity which is unique combining network marketing and stellar product offering. These products address the health needs of people and representatives get ample organizational support to climb the ladder of success.

Network marketing is different as it provides you an opportunity to be the owner of your business. Starting with an investment of limited money and time, you can make unlimited profit. If your network grows, the rewards would be always worth the efforts, hard work and dedication.

A quick walkthrough of Xyngular Compensation Plan



Let me tell you more about Xyngular, a comparatively young company. It was founded in the year 2009 and uses a multilevel marketing business methodology. The company specializes in selling health and wellness products, diet supplements, dietary aids, etc. It has gradually expanded into more than 30 global markets with the achievement of almost $15 million in annual sales. Energy boosters, weight loss aids, immune system support and weight control products are feature within the product categories.

It is no surprise that you’d come across reviews ranging from criticism to appreciation. In maximum cases, people pen down their personal experiences with the MLM programs. It doesn’t take away anything from the company which has successfully scaled heights since its inception. However, all of these discussions hardly provide the insight required to demonstrate the effectiveness of the products.

Majority of the products offered by Xyngular are usually packed within a kit to inspire bigger purchases. Each of the products comprises a series of natural and active ingredients such as herbal products, minerals, vitamins and super fruits. As an independent sales representative, the commission amount is based on higher number of downlines or team members apart from retail purchases. It is up to them to advertise the business opportunities and products in way that attracts more people to join. A distributor has the freedom to train the members of his or her downline team. This flexibility allows sales representatives to share their entrepreneurial experience with new entrants. New distributors are also invited to meetings and seminars to communicate with successful distributors. It may help them to polish their marketing skills and work hard for future. These are almost like trainings which equips distributors to change their fortune. It is a step by step process and one should be really patient to achieve something fruitful.

After joining, new team members are given access to multimedia tools for the purpose of promotion, distribution education and marketing. Such tools may also feature PDFs for the purpose of video presentations and printing to be viewed at distributor’s convenience. All the representatives irrespective of rankings are paid according to official compensation plan.

 Review Xyngular Compensation Plan

Xyngular is driven by a team of motivated and dedicated professionals. Health is a primary concern among people and they’re constantly seeking ways to stay fit and fine. Food and exercise are key components of staying healthy and Xyngular deals with the former. Various food and dietary supplements can bring improvement in health with consumption in sufficient dozes.

MLM programs don’t guarantee a fixed salary and it’s the same with Xyngular. However, distributors get the opportunity of enhancing their knowledge and expertise. There is no need to devote full time but many people pursue these opportunities on part time basis. For new entrants, there is no defined training program which may be or may not be an advantage. The key concepts are well explained by upper level sales representatives to the new entrants.

Many people tend to experience failure due to their faulty approach. MLM opportunities by Xyngular are not a quick cash making plan as perceived by some people initially. The company is based in Utah region of United States and headed by Marc Walker, the president. Prior to opening this company, he was holding high positions at reputed global organizations.

Xyngular products address the health needs of people across different age groups. Many of its products are prepared and manufactured out of fruit blends. Metabolism supplement, nutritional support, colon cleanser, nutritional supplement juice formula are the aspects covered by its products. There are also things like vanilla flavored smoothie mixture, multipurpose beverage, weight loss dietary supplement, and others. All of its products focus on improving physical performance, hydration, quick recovery, focus, energy and immune system boost.

Xyngular comes with its product categories which focus on making people healthy. It provides them with the energy and the solutions required for living on their own potential. With so much of information on Xyngular products, it is clear why the business is growing fast. Health is a major concern with people and their priority. At the same time, the MLM business opportunities are genuine unlike those involved in large scale advertising to promote their business.

 Membership levels in Xyngular Compensation Plan

The corporate sales pool is divided into several categories from top to bottom in leadership rankings. In case the level 1 group of affiliates is successful in recruiting new affiliates on their own, these are placed at level 2 of original affiliate’s unilevel team. In case the level 2 affiliates recruit more fresh affiliates to the extent of being placed at level 3, the cycle keeps on growing to a certain extent.

The total amount of commission earned by the efforts of a unilevel team depends on the personal volume generated by an affiliate each month. It is combined with the sales volume registered by the team of affiliate as a whole. This entire unilevel team volume is referred as Group Volume or shortly as GV. Manager is the person who needs to register at 2000 GV or group volume and up to 30,000 XV. The next position is that of manager silver where the GV needs to be 6000 and the latter 40,000.

When the affiliate reaches the position of Manager Gold, he or she must generate up to 10,000 GV and atleast 50,000 XV. These numbers increase to 15,000 GV and 75,000 XV for going a notch higher to the position of Manager Platinum. A director needs to generate up to 20,000 GV along with 100,000 XV to hold his or her place. Director Silver has a target of achieving 30,000 GV and at least 200,000 XV.

The next in leadership rank is the position of Director Gold. It includes 40,000 GV and up to 300,000 XV at least. After completing the individual sales and team volume sales goals, next comes the Director Platinum. To hold this position, the distributor needs to achieve a minimum of 50000 GV and approximately 500,000 XV.

Reaching to the executive leadership rank needs some serious effort and luck. This higher level distributor must have atleast 100,000 GV and a minimum of 1,000,000 XV. The executive silver post calls for maintaining 200,000 GV along with 2,000,000 XV. With executive gold position, the distributor should meet the goals of 300,000 GV along with 3,000,000 XV. In the executive platinum position, one should maintain 500,000 GV and up to 5,000,000 XV.

Affiliate program of Xyngular Compensation Plan

After making a payment of $5 as start up fee, the new distributors are being enrolled into a month-wise autoship program. All of the distributors of Xyngular are entitled to earn decent commission amount as per official compensation plan. Eventual objective of each distributor is to develop personal sales volume along with downline members to the level that it’s self sufficient and generates a stable income.

Xyngular provides invitation to potential distributors or even those people with interest in beginning a career. They are called to participate in meetings or watch videos to understand more about business opportunities. Often successful distributors from top leadership ranks speak out in such gatherings. It is almost like a training which is designed to make new distributor’s feel confident of making it big.

New members or distributors of Xyngular are provided with 10 step and 30 days plan of achieving success. All of these steps solely focus on mild market sales and setting of goals. However, these things do their bit in helping the new distributors to grow a long term sales platform for their own business. Post the joining, distributors have access to back office website containing multimedia tools for the purpose of distributor education, marketing and promotion.  Distributors often have control over marketing and advertising these things to their potential.

Compensation Plan of Xyngular Business Opportunity

The Xyngular compensation plan is centered on a unilevel commission structure. It offers a decent amount of money to the affiliates. Extra cash bonuses are also provided based on performance levels. However, it may be categorized as per convenience under the following sections:

Personal Volume:

Abbreviated as PV, it refers to a point value which is attached with every product of this company. It is generated by an affiliate after purchasing the company products or anyone of their downline members making a product purchase. The total PV generated is simply based on the purchased products and each of them has a predetermined static PV value.

Retail Commissions:

The retail bonuses and commissions are offered to Xyngular affiliates. However, there is no fixed percentage of profit provided to the affiliates. Instead, they are provided with double retail order values with measured commission reaching up to 19.9% with the order of $44.95. This amount goes to $24.3 on the orders of $179.80.

Residual Unilevel Commissions:

A unilevel payment or commission structure is utilized for paying the profit makers. Through this system, an affiliate is perfectly placed at the top position. Payments are made as per registering over 30PV as monthly volume which should be equivalent to $3 for total 30PV. At the same time, it could be 10% of PV value on top level and .3 to 1% with each level thereafter reaching up to 8 levels.

Rapid Rewards:

These can be referred as commissions paid out on initial four levels of a team leader’s downline. It is well calculated based on new recruit’s orders as per first month.

Quick Start Bonus:

This onetime bonus amount is paid out when new distributors fulfill the company goals for initial 30 days. After signing up, the new distributors need to fix 120PV autoship and hire four new downline members within four weeks.

Corporate sales pool:

This is a sales pool which is equivalent to 12% of Xyngular’s combined sales revenue for a month. It is further categorized into 12 separate 1% pools. All the affiliates qualify for bonus and incentive shares by moving up through the firm’s leadership levels. It happens by fulfilling the individual and team volume goals.

Executive bonuses:

The executive bonuses are paid out to Xyngular distributors who are successful in meeting team volume and personal sales volume goals. All of this is predefined by company while bonus amount is paid out to those maintaining 90% of this volume throughout a long period of time.

Rewards and Incentives:

Xyngular offer the distributors with chances to earn rewards and special incentives from time to time. Based on their hard work, they go to paid trips, cash incentives and recognition certificates.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Xyngular has a great list of products addressing the health needs of people ranging from dieting to weight loss. Thus, it is likely to bring improvements in health weigh regular or prescribed use. It may a suitable way to treat oneself instead of going to doctors who charge a hefty fee nowadays.
  • People with interest in these products and experience of direct sales may do a good business. Selling the idea successfully by creating a network of distributors can boost the profit percentage. It is proven by the sheer numbers of people making a fortune out pf the business opportunities.
  • Extensive product line targeted at those aiming to improve their health and fitness standards. Ingredients vary based on the product necessity and it is not a one size fits all product lists.
  • There is decent customer support as revealed by growing numbers of sales representatives. At the same time, those who want to lose weigh can use the product themselves to make the most of their benefits. Hardly you’d come across a review which has to say anything about the side effects.
  • The startup costs are low compared to other MLM companies and their plans. After starting out as distributor, you are provided with personal online platform and access to various tools and guides. You may also get the chance to interact with successful Xyngular product distributors. They can guide you to a certain extent on making the most of a fast growing health and wellness sector.


  • It is not possible to have free trials of the products prior to making a purchase
  • There are still clouds over clear evidences out of clinical research to support the claims
  • It may be difficult to come across genuine customer testimonials and some of the products aren’t described well enough.







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