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Zrii MLM Compensation Plan Review 2.0


Introduction to Zrii MLM Compensation Plan

Hi, it’s Brad.  Not the Brad who usually writes Notebook Crazy.  The other one.  I am writing this Zrii review for a few reasons.  The most obvious reason is that Zrii is a multilevel marketing (MLM) company, and therefore, reviewing it fits in with the goal of Notebook Crazy, Brad’s and my MLM review blog.  But I guess the real question is why am I writing this Zrii review?  Why isn’t he writing it?  Well, a few reasons.

First of all, he, Brad (I guess I will call him “Couch Potato Brad” because he always calls me “the other Brad”, so I have to call him something so that readers can tell us apart) has been posting MLM reviews on this site almost every day since New Year’s.  We finally made it to the end of the alphabetical list of MLM companies that we made when we drew up our original plans for this blog.  He really seems to be enjoying it.  In fact, he made it look like so much fun that I thought I would write at least one MLM review before we make a new list (you never realize how many MLM companies there are out there until you try to review them all).  Couch Potato Brad has always been a prolific writer, ever since we were in high school.  It’s really kind of funny to watch him write, because he only uses one finger to type.  (As you recall, I have spent a lot of time watching Couch Potato Brad type in the last few months, because one of the conditions of our bet, I could drink as much diet Vernors as I wanted to at his expense, on the condition that I drink it in his presence.  Not very many restaurants have diet Vernors on the menu, not even here in the Midwest, which leaves Couch Potato Brad’s basement as my diet Vernors drinking venue.)  After writing so many MLM reviews in such a short time, Couch Potato Brad’s typing finger finally got sore, and I was sick of listening to him whine about it, so I offered to write this Zrii review to give his typing finger a chance to rest.

While I am here, I wanted to set the record straight about a few things.  As Couch Potato Brad has mentioned, he and I are opposites in a lot of ways, but we always agree that just about anything is better than being financially dependent on a boring job that sucks up all your free time.  For the last eight years, he and I have worked on a few business projects together, some with better results than others.  The best business decision we ever made was to learn search engine optimization (SEO); neither one of us can fully take credit for that decision.  It came up in conversation one time, and we started researching it, and now that we (mostly Couch Potato Brad and his typing finger) have managed to save tons of money that we would have otherwise had to pay other people to write web content for our businesses.

In retrospect, yes, getting involved with the fungus coffee MLM was a bad idea, but allow me to explain.  The problem wasn’t the fungus coffee; it was the MLM business model.  Couch Potato Brad and I do not see eye to eye on fitness and nutrition, to say the least.  I have been a fitness trainer off and on since college, and fitness has always been a big part of my life.  When it comes to fitness, Couch Potato Brad and I agree to disagree.  When one of us tries to win the other over about something fitness-related, the fitness bet that led to me drinking diet Vernors at Couch Potato Brad’s expense is a perfect example of what can happen.  To give you another example, the worst advice Couch Potato Brad ever gave me was when I was training for a half marathon and making a playlist to listen to while running.  He recommended that I listen to “Pigs (Three Different Ones)” by Pink Floyd, which is eleven minutes of the kind of guitar noodling that gives 70s rock music a bad name, plus Vocoder-enhanced pig oinks.

You probably also noticed that Couch Potato Brad hates nutritional supplements with a vengeance.  I don’t really mind them.  My opinion is that a healthy diet is more important to fitness than supplements are.  I definitely drink protein shakes and stuff, but I know that there is no such thing as a magic ingredient that is going to make you get fit without effort.  B vitamins are great and all, but you can get them from a supermarket multivitamin, so there is no reason to buy expensive supplements that have the same stuff you could get just from making a smoothie out of fruits or vegetables, skim milk, and some protein powder.

It wasn’t the fungus coffee that got us into the fungus coffee MLM business.  It was our hubris.  Couch Potato Brad and I are both great salesmen; we were confident that we could sell anything.  Couch Potato Brad used to say that we could sell ink to a squid.  And we did sell some fungus coffee.  The problem with MLM is that the overhead costs and the investment of time are much higher than MLM companies want you to think they are.  The guy who recruited us as distributors is a guy I used to work out with at the gym.  If you go to almost any gym, you will find lots of people trying to sell MLM supplements, but I decided to give this one a try after ignoring all the others because the guy who sponsored us is such an honest person.  He actually fizzled quickly in the MLM business; lots of people do.  Couch Potato Brad and I actually lasted longer than he did with that MLM.

The lesson that Couch Potato Brad and I learned from the fungus coffee MLM experience is that MLM will drain the resources and energy out of pretty much anyone, even seasoned salespeople like us.  Hut that is all in the past now.  Let’s get on with our Zrii review.

Zrii: The Company and Its Products

Okeydokey.  According to Couch Potato Brad, this is the part where I talk about how the Zrii business opportunity was founded and mention a few of the most interesting Zrii products.

The Zrii business opportunity is available in 18 countries, including almost every country in Central America.  Its headquarters are in Utah, which has many more MLM companies than you would know unless you live in Utah or unless you try to research and review every MLM company out there.  When we first started doing Notebook Crazy, I was really surprised that Utah has so many MLMs, but now I am used to it.  (I wasn’t surprised about Florida, because being overrun with MLM companies and with people who want a quick fix for fitness fits in with the stereotypes about Florida but not about Utah.)  Celebrities who have endorsed Zrii products include Chris Gardner (the Pursuit of Happyness guy) and Deepak Chopra (the alternative medicine guy who was interviewed on Oprah in the 90s).  There are also professional athletes from various countries and various sports who give their endorsements for Zrii products on the Zrii website.

The Zrii reviews I read while I was looking for information about the Zrii business opportunity had a lot to say about the Zrii products that contain amla.  Amla is a light green fruit that is also called emblic and Indian gooseberry, and the tree that it comes from is called the Malacca tree.  The tree and its fruit have religious and cultural significance in Hinduism and Buddhism; the Wikipedia article on amla gives a few examples about its significance.  For example, King Ashoka, who ruled almost the entire Indian subcontinent in the 3rd century B.C., gave an amla tree as a gift to a Buddhist monastery.  Amla is an edible fruit; you can eat it pickled with spices or as an ingredient in a sweet marmalade.  It is also an ingredient in a lot of hair care products, such as leave in conditioners.

The Zrii Compensation Plan

What makes MLM different from other kinds of business is that each MLM company has a compensation plan, where there are several different ways to earn money.  If you work in a retail store, you get paid an hourly rate.  You might occasionally get bonuses for meeting certain sales goals, and if you sell really big ticket items, you might get paid a commission (a percentage of the retail price of the items you sell).  With MLM, things are much more complicated than that.  I know that Couch Potato Brad has told you all about downline sales teams (which are sometimes divided into “legs”), fast start bonuses, bonus pools, and all the rest of it.  I am sure Couch Potato Brad will not mind me telling you that, in our fungus coffee MLM days, we never qualified for a share of a bonus pool.

The Zrii compensation plan has not one but four bonuses related to how many Zrii products you sell and how many new Zrii distributors you recruit within a certain time frame.  Back when I was new to MLM, I would have said that this is a good thing, but I have since learned that time pressure and MLM are a bad combination.  If you have ever wondered why the kid who sat next to you in high school algebra class but wasn’t particularly nice to you now keep on lighting up your Facebook page with glowing reviews of a nutritional supplement, it is because of MLM bonuses with time limits.  Some MLMs have car bonuses, and the Zrii compensation plan includes a bonus where Zrii makes payments toward a Mercedes Benz on your behalf.  As non-cash rewards go, there is also a bonus where you win an iPad.

The Zrii website does not clearly list the names of the leadership levels in the Zrii compensation plan, which is pretty disappointing, because Couch Potato Brad and I sometimes get a good chuckle out of the names of MLM leadership levels if they are especially silly or overblown.  The Zrii website made it sound like the leadership levels go from 1 Star to 10 Star, and then there are some more levels beyond 10 Star, but it didn’t say what they are called.  I guess one of them is Ruby, because that distinction is listed under the names of some of the high-ranking Zrii distributors shown on the Opportunity page of the Zrii website.

Like so many other MLMs, Zrii will fly you to various destinations for MLM training.  I like to travel as much as the next guy, but MLM training is a huge waste of time.  It did give Couch Potato Brad and me a chance to go to Florida, though, and we made the acquaintance of some interesting people.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • I finally got to try my hand at writing an MLM review.


  • One of the Zrii products is an energy drink that contains 75 mg of caffeine. I could get that much caffeine by drinking a 20-ounce diet Coke, which costs a small fraction of what Zrii products cost.
  • The Zrii compensation plan involves “legs” of downline.


Amla is awesome, but MLM is a waste of time and money.  It is easy to find amla supplements and hair care products online for much less than you can buy them through the Zrii business opportunity.

Ouch.  My finger hurts after typing just one MLM review.  I don’t know how Couch Potato Brad does this every day.  I’m thirsty.  I wonder if Couch Potato Brad has any diet Vernors left in here.

Hey, want to hear my side of the story on everything else Couch Potato Brad has written about on this blog?  Schedule a call with me.


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