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Zrii MLM Compensation Plan Review


Introduction to Zrii MLM Compensation Plan

The concept of multi-level marketing is gaining much popularity among the people of diverse backgrounds. The main reason for this attraction is that it allows people to establish their own home business along with the liberty of fixing their own job hours. Other than that people will not be subjected to any kind of restriction or interference while promoting and selling services and products to the customers. It is the perfect platform for college students to gain the practical exposure of product marketing and selling using various unique tactics. The main advantage of joining this industry is that you will not only gain commission from your own personal sales but also that from the sales of your down-line members. With the arrival of different types of firms in this industry, the task of selecting the appropriate one is quite difficult. However, if you have knack for using healthy products then you can join Zrii. To know more about the company, its products, compensation plan and other exciting opportunities just read the review properly before joining it. People have been earning more than 5K per week through these compensation plans, to know more click here.

About Zrii MLM Compensation Plan


This MLM firm was established in the year of 2007 for providing top class nutritional products to the consumers within reasonable price. At present this company is operating in more than thirty nations of the world and is also expanding its bases to other countries as well. The company has given employment opportunities to more than twenty thousand distributor for marketing and selling its nutritional products to the customers. The annual average revenue of the company is more than $25000 million which bears testimony to the popularity of its products in the market. The distributors mainly utilize the technique of oral advertisement to convince customers in using the different products of the company. The firm thoroughly acknowledges the hard work of its distributors and rewards them with attractive financial perks to increase their motivations.

Products of Zrii MLM Compensation Company

When it comes for acquiring top quality natural ingredients, the firm is quite strict in this regard and never compromises on the health safety of the consumers. It always sources pure natural manufacturing ingredients from reliable dealers and thoroughly tests their qualities before forwarding them to the manufacturing facilities. The company possesses manufacturing units that are located in different parts of USA with superior state of the art facilities. Here the manufacturing ingredients are specially processed under the supervision of experienced scientists with absolute care and precaution. All its products have received the safety approvals from FDA and other product quality testing firms of USA. The main products of the company mainly include the following mentioned below:

Achieve: It is a protein based shake for reducing your body weight to a considerable extent. It helps you to develop strong muscles and fat free slim body within few weeks of consumption. Its constituent ingredients help to burn the extra calories inside your body and thus reducing the scope of accumulation of fat inside your body.

Rise: This clinically approved product is prepared from the natural extracts of amalaki and beans of green coffee for providing you with refreshing experience while drinking with warm water. It has been designed for providing you the sweeter taste than an organic coffee drink. It is useful in raising the energy level and mental alertness for a long period of time along with reducing the concentration of fats in your body. Jus have a sip of this coffee product and you will notice the difference within few minutes.

Daily PM and AM: These two multi-vitamin supplements are quite essential for developing solid health framework inside your body. They also help to have a sound and calm sleep because of their sedative properties. Third party tests have shown that there are no traces of harmful and artificial contents in these two products.

Amalaki: It is the main product of the company which plays a vital role in increasing the cellular rejuvenation inside your body. This nutritional beverage can compensate your energy loss within few minutes of consumption. It comprises of other natural ingredients like tulsi, ginger and many more. You can also drink this beverage mixed with other fruit juices to enjoy the refreshing experience of this product.

Compensation Plan of Zrii MLM Business Opportunity

The compensation plan of the company is quite flexible and provides surplus opportunities to the distributors to earn money in the following ways mentioned below:

Fast Start Bonus: You can receive this bonus when your retail or preferred customers and enrolled distributors place the initial product order. The bonus amount is determined on the basis of the order generations of your enrolled distributors and retail or preferred customers on weekly basis. Normally it starts with twenty percent on every initial product order and if any one places order of $500 then you have the chance of earning hundred dollars as the part of this weekly bonus.

Double Fast Start Bonus: If want to earn double bonus amounts on your every initial product order then you must immediately join the program of Premier Executive Z Pack for enjoying double bonus amount of forty percent. It is paid on the basis of your initial order generation of first four weeks. You cannot ask for more on starting your career as a distributor of the company with double immediate earnings.

Z for Free: In this program you have the chance of getting Zrii products free of cost along with decent amount of cash dollars in the shape of loyalty rewards. You just need to personally enroll three retail or preferred customers to become eligible for this privilege and cash rewards. Your cash dollar amounts shall be determined on the basis of the average qualified volume through combining all three product orders of your customers. These loyalty rewards will cover your future purchasing expenditure of these products.

Retail Bonus: For enjoying this bonus you just have to enroll your retail customers for buying the products of the company. Here you have the scope of earning handsome bonus amounts on each order of your enrolled retail customers. However, the bonus amount shall be determined on the basis of the difference between wholesale and retail costs. For getting more dividends you need to enroll maximum retail customers as possible so that next time your amounts become bigger after the difference between the whole sale and retail price.

Preferred customer Bonus: In this program you have the bright chance of winning exciting bonus amounts. To be eligible for this exciting opportunity you have to enroll your preferred customers on a personal level in the Ez autoship order and get bonus amounts on the basis of their initial orders for every four week. Your preferred customers shall allow you to earn this bonus on every successive product order under this weekly autoship program. Here also the actual bonus amount shall be determined on the basis of the preferred customer wholesale price.

Star and Star Maker bonus: In order to obtain this bonus you need to enroll distributors on a personal level for buying the Premier Executive or Executive Z Pack. On personally enrolling the distributors of your both legs to buy these Z Packs, you have the chance of earning the bonus amount of $50 along with the Star title of Zrii. When you help the distributors of your both legs to earn the title of Star, then you have the chance of earning till $100 along with the title of Star maker. This bonus can be earned for infinite times and the amount is determined on the basis of the purchasing order of your enrolled distributors.

4 Weeks to Four Star:  This bonus has been mainly designed for motivating the distributors of the company to go for the higher ranking positions. Here you have the chance of earning the bonus amount of $1000 on reaching the position of Four Star Executive within four weeks. In order to achieve this rank you need to generate higher volumes along with utilizing the opportunities of Double Fast Start and Fast Bonus.

iPad Bonus: The main criteria for earning this bonus is that you need to buy as a distributor the Premier and Executive Z Pack along with maintaining the active status of Z100 and have to achieve the position of Three Star within the initial eight weeks. You have the chance of earning $ 350 along with the brand new iPad. If you are successful in maintaining the criteria then you will continue to receive this bonus without any restriction.

Team Commissions:  As the autonomous executive you have the chance of earning the decent commissionable volume of ten percent on the overall matching volumes of your both legs. The more is the number of your down-line members the higher will be the commissionable volume which is mainly obtained from the overall volumes of the both legs. It is mainly paid on the weekly basis and there is no limit of this commission.

Benz Club Bonus: On achieving the position of Four Star Executive you have the chance of obtaining this exciting bonus where the entire amount shall be used for hiring luxurious Mercedes Benz Car for your joyful ride with office colleagues or partners. You shall continue to enjoy this bonus as long as you can retain this position. In order to achieve the bonus criteria you need to maintain your previous executive rank for the successive periods of two months along with purchasing the Premium Executive or Executive Z Pack of Zrii.

Achievement Bonuses: Here you have the chance of getting huge bonus amounts varies from $ 5,000-1,000,000 on progressing through the higher ranking positions of company in a continuous manner. You have to qualify new ranks within specific time period and have to retain them for a considerable period of time so that your bonus flow never stops at all.

My ZriiPro Bonus: You have the chance of earning ten dollars on every membership under the program of My ZriiPro within the down-line of your organization. In order to become eligible for the bonus you need to become a six star distributor of the company. On achieving this position you can ask your vast down-line members to enroll in this membership bonus. The more the number of members the higher will be your bonus amounts.

Global Leadership Pools: Distributors achieving higher positions have the chance of receiving two percent shares from the overall commissionable global sales of the company. Distributors belonging to the rank of Eight Star and higher are usually considered eligible for this bonus. The bonus amount is determined on the basis of your current higher position above that of ten star.

Matching Bonus: When you emerge as the leader of the group you have the chance of collecting matching bonus from your personally enrolled distributors along with their down-lines. You have the option of collecting this bonus up to seven level deep within your organizations and the amount is determined on the basis of the overall team commissions on your both legs.

Conclusion of Zrii MLM Compensation Plan

Before wrapping up the review you must always remember that it takes years of dedication and passion to become successful in this highly competitive industry. Another aspect of this industry is that every firm with the primary objective of acquiring maximum consumers always uses to malign each other in the market. Though it is not a healthy practice but unfortunately in the process they are creating doubt in the mind of the customers. But when it comes to Zrii no one can point any fault or defect with this company. It is the most transparent company in the MLM industry. This is quite evident when you see its products. It has clearly specified the constituent ingredients of all its products along with the test results of leading agencies. In terms of compensation plan, it provides the highest money earning opportunities to the distributors unlike other MLM firms. Not only that, it is always ready to provide all types of supports to its hard working distributors without any kind of discrimination. Therefore, you must not think twice and join this firm at once.                                  






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